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All rooms dusted with a series of a cob webber for hard to reach places, vacuum with special duster attachment and by hand with a cotton rag and dusting products.

All floors are vacuumed three times: the tops of baseboards, where the baseboards meet the flooring and then the actual surface of the flooring. We do not use a broom at all so we are not just moving dirt around! We flat mop any hard wood floors with the exception of the kitchen and bathrooms where we hand wash on our hands and knees the flooring in those rooms.

Sanitize and scour all showers, tubs, toilets, and sinks. Counter tops are sanitized and wiped down as well as any objects on the counter tops. Exterior of cabinets are polished.

Bedrooms and Family Rooms/ Dining Rooms- Linens changed out on the beds and bed made. All blinds, window sills, fans and furniture polished and dusted. Any upholstered surfaces are vacuumed including lamp shades, love seats, sofas, etc. Rooms are made neat by making piles of any clutter.

Kitchen- Sanitize and scour of the kitchen sink. All exterior appliances are wiped down and we clean the inside of the microwave as well. All counter tops are sanitized and wiped down as well as any objects on the counter tops. Exterior of cabinets are polished (both upper and lowers).

All products are eco-friendly and not harsh in smell. Our employees are bonded, insured and go through a rigorous two week training program before they are sent out on their own to clean.

Our management staff takes pride in staying flexible to meet your specific scheduling and budgeting needs by having no cancellation fees and no contracts.

Your satisfaction is our #1 goal which is why a member of our management staff will be out to inspect your home the first several times it is cleaned by Maid Spot and randomly after that to ensure the clean is up to our standards and yours.



Our unique pricing charges per room as opposed to per hour. This allows you, as the customer, to only pay for the rooms that require cleaning. We can customize a plan to suit both your specific needs and budget. This also guarantees the job will be done to completion without changing your price.


This category of cleaning includes spring cleaning items (ie. Inside cabinets & drawers, inside of refrigerators and ovens, wiping down walls) or vacant move-in/move-out cleanings. These cleanings are charged hourly at a rate of $32.00/hr.


All commercial jobs are unique and will be priced as such following a walk-through and custom quote process.


The number one complaint on vrbo.com are hefty cleaning issues and hefty cleaning fees! With our professional equipment and supplies and first-class trained crew we are sure to help reduce your complaints and allow you to charge your renters less; not to mention boost those reviews!  Vacation rentals are charged based on a discounted $30.00/hr rate.  Don't pay a large fee when you don't have too! With a professional service on your side you will never get "stuck" cleaning your rental yourself.  We guarantee a crew member to arrive on-site, on-time or your first hour is FREE!


Maid Spot utilizes the latest HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filtration systems in all of our vacuums, allowing us to eliminate dust in your home instead of just “sweeping it around”. According to WebMD.com some benefits of utilizing a HEPA filtration vacuum bag include trapping more dust from the exhaust allowing less dust and microscopic dust mites back into the room as we vacuum. Some customers report improved allergy symptoms after a cleaning is performed with these technologically advanced filter bags.

Our employees come armed with all of their own equipment and supplies. In fact they come with enough cotton rags and flat mop heads to never have to clean with a dirty rag. Say GOOD-BYE to floors mopped by dirty water!


Maid Spot utilizes top of the line commercial grade cleaning products in your home or business. All of these products are also eco-friendly. It allows us to protect the environment as well as your personal space, children, co-workers and pets, etc.

Our all-purpose product is the only EPA Registered all-purpose cleaning product which is not only a sanitizer but also a virucide. It has a neutral PH which leads to no residue build up on your surfaces, is biodegradable and contains no asthmagens. It is safe on any water-safe surface and kills odor causing bacteria.