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Amanda Houser

Check out some useful information about cleaning, and why it is important for your health and happiness to have a clean home or business.

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Amanda Houser

Amanda Houser

Amanda Houser began her relationship with customer service at birth by being raised with strong Southern roots and a belief in hospitality. It was no surprise that she went on to hold a career in the hotel industry where she received the best Customer Service Training in the industry under Marriott International. It is in the hotel industry where she met her husband, Daniel Houser.

Consistency is the name of the game!

Posted by on in MaidSpot News

Will you do the same thing every time you come out?

This is a question we are frequently asked by new customers inquiring on housecleaning services and the answer is “yes”!  We take pride in providing a deep clean at every clean.

I recently ran across a brochure from one of our competitors who listed things they did as “add-on” services or on a rotational basis only.  Based on their list I realized the majority of items on their list are things we do at every cleaning.  A few examples of what we do each and every time we come out at no additional service charges include:

$1·         Fronts of cabinets hand wiped

$1·         Windowsills hand wiped

$1·         Faucets, sinks and drains cleaned with a crevice brush

$1·         Drip pans and glass top stoves cleaned

$1·         Appliances cleaned and shined

$1·         Knickknack areas cleaned

$1·         All kitchen furniture hand wiped

$1·         Furniture surfaces hand dusted

$1·         Furniture and upholstery vacuumed

$1·         Carpet edges vacuumed

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Most of our customers love the fact that the products we use in their home do not have a strong odor.  It is beneficial for all homes but most especially for those who have respiratory issues such as asthma or hyper-sensitivity to smells or severe allergies.

With that being said there was a small portion of our customers who prefer that “fresh, clean” smell in their homes (keep in mind the BLOG titled “What does clean smell like?”)  Because that big box product that ends in “eeze”,  and is known for eliminating all kinds of odors, is highly toxic we decided to partner with our local Shaklee distributor to create what we call “Fabric Refresh”.  It is an “eeze” type product used in the air and on carpets and upholstered surfaces but is non-toxic!  The Fabric Refresh was created from a fabric softener concentrate that is part of Shaklees GET CLEAN® line.  It is not only nontoxic but also natural, biodegradable and contains no phosphates; because it is concentrated it also helps eliminate waste!

I have two stories I can share regarding dogs and the toxicity of that big box product.  One is a fellow business owner that I know through a local networking group who mentioned one day that her dog is so smelly that she was bathing him every day and then when she gave up, was just spraying him with that famous odor eliminating product.  He ended up with a horrible skin rash that costs hundreds of dollars at the vet to clear up.

Another similar situation is my neighbors who have an adorable mini-schnauzer who has some health issues but is their only child and treated like the queen of the house that she is! My husband and I walked over to have dinner with them one night and our neighbor was holding their dog with her belly up and he was pointing out a horrible skin rash she developed on her underside.  Right in plain sight on their kitchen countertop was a bottle of that odor eliminating product.  I was able to tell them right away what caused it and they admitted to spraying her bed where she laid with it all of the time.

Maid Spot is committed to not only cleaning your home but also to providing you with a healthier home!

Click here to order your bottle of GET CLEAN® Soft Fabric concentrate to make your own smell good spray for your home! For around $10.00 you could make 5 gallons of your own spray! 

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When I was presented with the opportunity to write a Blog for a local Realty Office regarding cleaning, I immediately knew what I would write about. I began to GOOGLE the words "clean house and home values" to find some statistics to back up my theories. Although I did not find any scientific evidence, what I did find was article after article with titles such as, "5 Cheap Tips to Boost your Home Value", "10 Cheap Fixes to Increase the Value of your Home", "10 Budget-Friendly Ways to Improve your Home's Value", "30 Tips for Increasing Your Home Value", "Brokers Tell All: 10 Ways to Boost your Home Value" and countless others of the liking. All of the articles had the same thing in common whether it was 5 tips, 7 tips, or 101 ways. They all listed having your home professionally cleaned as one of the suggested ways to boost value.

Maid Spot has many customers, both Brokers & homes owners alike, who have contributed their professional cleaning to aiding in the sale of their home at a higher value. Coincidentally, as my husband and I were house hunting in the Jacksonville area the clean homes always made it to the top of our purchase list! Another great personal example is when my husband and I decided to become landlords and rent out our home in Louisiana. Our first potential tenants told us, "We are clean freaks". Immediately
we said, "The house is yours!" because we knew they would help maintain our property value for us. Because we live and work in an economy that has left homeowners distressed and budget-restrictive, Maid Spot can offer a budget-friendly way to put some life back into your home.

Prior to opening Maid Spot my idea of cleaning house was like most working Americans. On Saturday (your one of only two days off a week) you change sheets and start laundry, do some dishes, wipe off countertops and maybe once a month give your floors a good once over. In a time-starved society, everyone could use a few extra hours. Whether it's weekly, every other week, or a special occasion, we can give you some extra time in your day. We pride ourselves on staying flexible to meet our customers'
needs. There are no cancellation fees or contracts and we will work around your busy schedule.

Maid Spot can provide for you professionally trained crew members who will arrive on-time, uniformed, and with all the necessary equipment and supplies to take care of all of your cleaning concerns. We proudly use all eco-friendly products that are safe for your home, pets and family, and hire quality employees who are undergo background checks and participate in a rigorous training regimen.

Amanda and Daniel Houser, as owners of Maid Spot, take pride in our community and enjoy helping homeowners take pride in their most precious investments. 

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What Does Clean Smell Like?

Posted by on in MaidSpot News

The majority answer to this question is “bleach”. Our brains have been programmed to associate clean with the smell of bleach.

Did you know?*

  • Bleach is a strong corrosive material; it provides a risk of damaging your home to items such as fixtures, tubs/showers, grout, flooring, etc.
  • It is an irritant for eyes, skin and respiratory systems
  • If bleach is ingested by an adult, child or pet it can cause pulmonary edema, vomiting or a coma
  • When bleach is mixed, either purposely or accidently, with other cleaning agents it creates a gas that can prove fatal if inhaled

* information gathered from educating wellness.com.

At Maid Spot we have an excellent alternative to bleach and although the smell of the product is sometimes “underwhelming” compared to a bleach based product it is safe for your home, family and pets!

Our all-purpose product kills 99.9% of common bacteria and is also a virucide killing viruses such as HIV-1 and Influenza-2. It is a deodorizer therefore eliminating odors by penetrating the surface and oxidizing to kill the source of the odor instead of replacing them with a new harsh smell.

It is safe on any surface that is water safe and is also rendered PH-neutral making it an excellent de-greaser providing residue free cleanings.

We have recently began using a new product known as a fabric refresher (similar to a Febreeze) to provide our customers that request it, a more “clean smell” in their homes! Did you know that Febreeze is highly toxic? It is the reason we choose not to utilize that product here at Maid Spot. Instead we partnered with Shaklee to utilize a product of theirs to create an eco-friendly version of smell good stuff.

Some other alternate ways to eliminate odor in your home include:

  • Houseplants
  • Air it out (hang from a clothes line in the sunshine)
  • Wash the item with the odor, spot clean if it cannot be washed or check with your local laundry mat to see what heavy duty items they can accommodate
  • Put a carton of baking soda in the room where the odor is occurring

Remember there are always great alternatives to toxic cleaning products that still have powerful cleaning and sanitizing properties. At Maid Spot we’ve gone through several different types of products and done quite a bit of research. Feel free to call (904) 900-1777 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. us at the office if you ever have a question about a particular product.

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