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At Maid Spot we believe it is part of our responsibility to help sustain the environment in our local communities. We also believe that the main goal of our cleanings is to provide you with a healthy home. Maid Spot utilizes Shaklee Get Clean cleaning products and HEPA filtration vacuum systems in your home or office allowing us to protect the environment as well as your personal space, children, co-workers and pets, etc.

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Get Clean Scour Off-Heavy Duty Paste


Frequent Questions:

How do you get my glass top stove so clean?

How did you remove those coffee and/or rust stains off my countertops?

How did you get rid of the soap scum on my glass shower doors?

How did you get the stuck-on toothpaste off of my faucets?

How did you get the grease and grime out of the inside of my oven?


Here is the answer! Our product of the month is the Get Clean Scour Off-Heavy Duty Paste.


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