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About Us

Our Company mission is simple: Life Happens....Let Maid Spot clean it up!

maid spot tara photo
Tara Tacinelli is a graduate of New Jersey City University with a BS Degree in Marketing and Business Administration. She has worked for several large corporations such as FED EX Corp in the field of Human Resource Management. Tara owned and operated several companies, and it is no surprise when Looking Fit Magazine nominated her tanning salon as one of the Top 250 Salons in the nation. Tara's motto has always been for the love of her customers and her commitment to building her business on friendship, hard work and loyalty.
Maid Spot sets high standards of customer service and takes pride in providing families in our community a work life balance by taking housecleaning off their "To Do " lists and offering weekday only work for their employees.

Tara resides in Florida with her husband Dave, enjoying their six lovely children and grandchildren.